It’s Not the End of the Line

On Christmas Day, Sugar and I, along with his family visiting for the holidays, went to the End of the Line.

This time the weather was much cooler, the tide was coming in, and the water was gray and choppy.  In the picture above, the water is moving from right to left. 

The bridge stays in an open position to allow boats to pass through.

The birds were on top of the bridge this time, since the posts where they roosted before were covered by the water.

Here we have an obligatory photo of the marsh.  Smell the salty air?  The beer can in the reeds is. not. mine.

On the way back, we passed by the farm where Donkey Ho-tey lives, so we had to stop and say hello, what with it being Christmas and all, even though he was probably tired from staying up until midnight so that he and Jammer could talk.

Don: "Carrots. Mine."


Don: "Awright, awright. I'll ask nicely. May I puh-leeze have some stinkin' carrots?"


Don: "Show me some respect please. I just took the red-eye in from Bethlehem."

Jammer: "Alice and Gladys aren't the only ones a few characters short of a Nativity scene."

A lovely outing.  A lovely day.


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