A LawtonFest?

Earlier this summer, we headed out to Savannah in search of a LawtonFest.  Sugar had found a reference to a home in Savannah that belonged to A. R. Lawton.  The reference happened when he picked up a book in the local history section at the Barnes & Noble bookstore.  The address was one that we had not seen associated with General A. R. Lawton, so we set out to see what we could see.

I snapped a lot of pictures.  A LOT.  Savannah reminds me of Charleston in the fact that the city is always dressed up and on stage.  If someone came around your house and took pictures from every angle, you’d call the police and have the crazy arrested.  Not in Savannah. 

The side porches


Another angle of the side porches


Built for William F. Brantly, Designed by John Norris, 1857, Historic Savannah Foundation


A shot of the garden on the front right


More porch love


Finally! We're driving away...


...around to the back alley to scope out more architectural detail. I see a porch!


New construction connects two older structures.


Still in the alley. Driving past the garages, hanging out the window taking more pictures.


The gate to the garden is to the left of the garages.


It appears that there is living space over the garages.


If that's living space over the garages, it's larger than my RV.


The best shot of all. Look on the roof at all those air-conditioning units. What wasn't available in 1857 completes this home.

Thanks for coming along on our StalkerFest LawtonFest investigation.


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One Response to “A LawtonFest?”

  1. Kariann Says:

    Great pics Ruth. What character!


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