Where’s Waldo?

All week I have set the feral cat trap.

I received a donation of quite a few bags of cat food from Maranatha Farm, including most of a case of canned Science Diet cat food. The cans were handy, so I used a can of this healthy, nutritious, scientific food for baiting the trap.

The cats weren’t having it.  No one went in the trap, except one clever cat who ate most of the food and left, WITHOUT triggering the trap.  Bad little cats. 

Finally, on Thursday night, I tried a different bait.  I checked the trap up until midnight.  Nothing.  So I left them to their own devices, confident that I’d at least catch a possum by the next morning.

Friday morning was cold as I went into the woods to check the trap.  I’d put the trap on the feeding station by the automatic feeders so the trapped little darling wouldn’t be cold on the ground all night.  I approached the trap and couldn’t believe my eyes.

Nothing.  The trap had never been sprung.  The food had not been touched.  So I left it, made my way to work, then went home at lunch to check it.


Here's Waldo.

 He’s one of the kittens that has been feeding at the station with their mother!

Mr. Waldo has now been neutered, vaccinated, ear-tipped, and has gone back to live in the woods here at the Swamped! Plantation & CatsNip Facility.


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One Response to “Where’s Waldo?”

  1. Kari Says:

    He is cute, great job Ruth!


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