Crime Does Pay

Today I pulled in the parking lot at work about 8:28 AM.  It was hard to find a spot, what with all the police cars.  There had been a break-in at 7:34.  The police say they got there by 7:36, and the robbers were gone.  All the drawers in the front office were pulled out, and the robbers made of with a roll of quarters and maybe $4 in loose change.  The blaring alarm system apparently sent the robbers on their way, because nothing else was missing.  No drugs, no dog biscuits, and no lobby magazines were gone. 

We alerted the liquor store in case someone shows up trying to buy some Aristocrat with a roll of quarters.



5 Responses to “Crime Does Pay”

  1. Kari Says:


    • ruthrawls Says:

      You are an accessory. I had calleld you on the way to work, and got your voice mail just as I’m pulling into the lot at work. I saw all the police cars and knew that I wouldn’t be able to leave a coherent message. It would have been something like, “Oh, sorry, can’t leave a message. I have to talk to all these nice policemen now.” So I just hung up.


  2. Leo Says:

    And does South Carolina not have a talking on a cell phone while driving law? Are you suggesting the nice police officers were really all waiting to catch the serial talker?


    • ruthrawls Says:

      Leo, I have no clue about the cell-phone driving misdemeanors. I’ll have to look it up and get back to you. Did you see some of those amendments that were on the ballot that I posted on November 2? Yes, it is now South Carolinians’s constitutional right to hunt and fish.
      Yes, the officers were probably waiting to catch me because… wait for it… I am a great catch.


  3. Jen Says:

    It would happen to you!


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