Mrs. Foy B. Mitchell, Wedding Announcement

Mrs. Foy B. Mitchell was before her marriage August first, Miss Frances Mashburn, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Mashburn of this city. The ceremony was performed in Pine Bluff, Ark., where they are making their home. The groom is a lieutenant in the army, stationed at Griders Field, Ark.

Here’s another random piece of paper among my mother’s things.  I see that the bride’s last name has been misspelled.  It should be Mashbern.  I know this for a fact because, when I was on the high school paper’s advertising staff, Mashbern Jewelers was one of my accounts.  I misspelled it the first time I presented an ad to them, and Mr. Mashbern was gracious enough to correct me kindly. 

I’ll presume that the new Mrs. Mitchell was a friend of my mother’s.  I’ll post this on FaceBook next and see who bites…


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One Response to “Mrs. Foy B. Mitchell, Wedding Announcement”

  1. Kari Says:

    Please keep us posted. 🙂


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