High School Reunion, Starring My Mother

That’s my mom, in the next-to-the-top row.  She has reddish hair and no glasses.  I don’t know the vintage of this photo, so I’ll guess it’s in the late 1970’s.  This appears to be a high school reunion, because my mother didn’t belong to any clubs as an adult that I know of, and the picture is taken at the “new” Lenoir City High School. 

I’m hoping the LilSis can help flesh out more details of this photo.  There’s no writing of any kind on the back of the photo.  Just another thing in my mother’s collection of stuff.


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3 Responses to “High School Reunion, Starring My Mother”

  1. Becky Says:

    Alas, no fleshing from me. I studied it earlier today on Facebook, and now again with no luck. Some faces look familiar, but no names come to mind. 😦


    • ruthrawls Says:

      I think that’s Mary Ellen Hines in the upper right hand corner, but. not. sure…


      • Becky Says:

        I think you could be right there. I didn’t study that corner extremely closely, but that does look like her smile. I also thought lady 3rd from the right in that fine navy frock (with Betty-Fulton-resembling face) might be Harvey Sproul’s mother?


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