In Which BabyBoy Becomes Perfect

The BabyBoy is now perfect.  Or at least that’s what we’ve been told.  One of his older friends said of him a few years ago, “Just wait until he’s 25.  Then he’ll be perfect.”  I’ve had a few issues with BabyBoy.  I hope I have psychologically blocked them by now.

When life gives you cheese, buy cheesecake.

Adoring and adorable fan.




9 Responses to “In Which BabyBoy Becomes Perfect”

  1. Gillianne Says:

    Hi Aunt Ruth,

    Say Hi to Micheal for me. I like your blog.



  2. Christian Says:

    Dear Micheal,

    Happy 25th Birthday. I miss you. Maybe we can get together sometime.
    From, your friend,



  3. Abby Says:


    Micheal, gtabbb

    From Abbyb


  4. Becky Says:

    Michael, May I join Carmine in saying “Happy Boirthday to a poirfect dude. Now wheres did youse guys get such a supoirb cheesecake – Joirsey or New Yoirk?”


  5. Jen Says:

    I don’t understand any of what was just said, from your comments all the way to Mikey being perfect:{ So am I correct in saying that I have officially been perfect for approximately three years? If that be the case, we are in for a world of trouble!


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