LawtonFest, Part 8 , James Island, SC

This post is a continuation of September 5, 2010.  In the interest of expediency, I am posting pictures only.  If I get the chance, I’ll add some commentary.  Working 6 days and going to school cuts into blog time.

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3 Responses to “LawtonFest, Part 8 , James Island, SC”

  1. Leo Says:

    Thank you for al of the time spent in taking these photos as well as precious time involved in posting them. I don’t know about the rest of the world, but I certainly truly appreciate your efforts.


  2. Leo Says:

    Toleration is probably not the correct word, only close. I have nothing against cats, just not much for them. Yet, I like to read what you have to say about them. I can fully understand that someone else likes the critters. My wife treats birds better than she treats me, but I can live with that too. I only look at it as women are all crazy. Have a nice day.


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