The 50th

My parents at their 50th wedding anniversary celebration, together at last. They took two vehicles to go to the party.

Mom and her sister Etta


Etta and her husband Gordon


Mom's brother Cecil "Pete" and Pete's wife Nancy


All the kids - YoursTruly, BigSis, BigBroSteve, BigBroBob, & LilSis


The grandkids


BabyGirl and Dad


BabyBoy & Dad


YoursTruly & Dad


Two geniuses



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5 Responses to “The 50th”

  1. Kariann Says:

    I cannot believe 18 years have passed, is that possible? I love the pics of Babygirl and Babyboy. That was a great day.


  2. Becky Says:

    It was a great day indeed. And it was so Nana and Papa to drive separately, plus it gave us more fodder for amusing stories about those zany Rawlses! 🙂


  3. Jen Says:

    You are smokin’ hot;P


  4. The 50th | Ruthrawls's Blog Says:

    […] via The 50th […]


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