Catcatcher Corner

Now, I realize that there are important things to blog about, like finishing the LawtonFest posting (as if THAT were possible), or the fact that Newdo destroyed most of a cardboard box, or Jopty Gerbil’s tryout video for Dancing With The Stars.

Jopty: "This version of Rodent Riverdance should really wow the judges."

 But something just happened that is so adorable that all other stories must wait.  First, some history.

About 3 weeks ago, I set the cat trap one evening.  I returned to the trap after dark to find a cat in the trap, his markings looking much like Marcellene but without an ear tip.  I left him in the trap overnight, covered with a large towel for security.

The next morning, I removed the towel and examined the cat more closely.  A vet told me once that she could tell whether an adult cat was a male or female by looking at their face.  She explained that the male hormones cause the cheeks to become “cheekier” and the neck and shoulders to become larger.  The cat in the trap had a slender face and enormous green eyes, and her gray marbled coloring and bright eyes made quite a striking combination. 

The cat looked back at me, but made no attempt to harm me.  I covered the trap back up with the towel, and when I lifted the trap, she thrashed about wildly, but to no avail, like a butterfly caught in a net.  She was distressed, and I set the trap back down on the ground.  I looked at her rear end pressed up against the trap, and tried to look to be sure that the vet’s advice was true, and that she was indeed a female.  I couldn’t be sure, but then I saw something peeking out from her fur on her belly.  It was the nipple of an enlarged mammary gland, and then this cat did something that convinced me to let her out of the trap.  She rolled on her side and showed me her tummy.  The hair around every nipple was flattened and dried in place from the nursings of her kittens.  She was a mother, and she had babies still so young that they needed to nurse, and they had been alone all night without her. 

I opened the trap, and she ran away into the woods, somewhere beyond to her children.

Okay, that was about 3 weeks ago, and since then I’ve looked at the wildlife videos, and I recognized this same mother eating frequently at the cat station.  And tonight, who showed up at the feeding station? 

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3 Responses to “Catcatcher Corner”

  1. Becky Says:

    I love how she rolled to show you her tummy as a cry for freedom. And now feeding is a family affair! 🙂


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    […] I thought that she belonged to the mother cat that I trapped and released before.  That’s the mother that brought her litter to the cat feeding station – click here to see the video. She looks like one of the kittens from that litter. I have since seen the kittens from the litter, […]


  3. Cheryl the Feral « Ruthrawls's Blog Says:

    […] we have letter “C” to introduce, and we have none other than Cheryl the Feral.  She’s the cat that I trapped last August, then I let go when I realized that she was a […]


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