Three Rootin’, Tootin’ Cowboys, 1962

YoursTruly, BigBroSteve, & LilSis

Earlier this week, BabyBoy offered to clean up the shed.  He had already mowed the grass in the meadow which he just mowed two weeks ago, which hardly counted because it was, ummm, let me think, that’s right!  August!  Which means that basically the barely existing grass has dried up.  Which could only mean one thing.  He wants to give me a tidbit of news which might just piss me off a little.  You see how it works.  So the little bit of news was hardly newsworthy, and hardly pissedoffworthy.  So.  Anyway.  Never can tell with me.  Apparently.

One of the Rubbermaid storage tubs in the shed has photos and photo albums in it.  I found the little album I made when Mom & Dad had their 50th wedding anniversary in 1992.  (I would say “Ma & Pa Kettle” but that always pissed Mom off.  You can see how it’s a generational, genetic skill passed down.  Child opens mouth equals P.O.’ed parent.)

The anniversary album had some random photos in it.  I found this little gem that just cracks me up.  I’m probably about 5 1/2 years old, BigBroSteve is about 8, and LilSis is about 3 1/2.  I’m wearing BigBro’s hand-me-down shirt, because girl clothes made my skin crawl with disgust, and I’m also wearing my patented smile (“I.  *AM*.  Smiling!”)

LilSis is wearing her Easter dress ’cause every cowgirl needs to look good on the trailride.  BigBro is caught frozen in time as he grows ever taller.  If there had been another photo taken five minutes later, he would have been taller, that was how fast he grew.  Nobody knows for sure how tall he is today, because no one is tall enough to measure his height.

Now, if we only had horses…


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3 Responses to “Three Rootin’, Tootin’ Cowboys, 1962”

  1. Becky Says:

    I don’t care who you are, that there is adorable! I want a copy; gotta have a copy; ooh, ah, ooh, ah! 🙂


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