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Wildlife Camera, Night Seven, Video Starring Sylvia

July 21, 2010

Yesterday afternoon, I reset the camera from still shot to video.  The camera recorded 3 videos of cats feeding during the daytime.  Then last night the camera recorded at least 10 videos.  I was not able to put any of them on the blog because I will need to purchase a video upgrade, which got me to thinking, maybe I can upload a video to and link them to the blog that way.

Well, I am pleased to report that it takes a long time to upload even one video to youtube.  But I did it.  And now I will attempt to provide the first ever nighttime video of the cat house in the hood.  It’s really not much to see, but it represents the tip of the iceberg in terms of what I can learn to do. 

And right now I’m attempting to upload Rocky Raccoon to youtube, and boy, is it a slow go.  Perhaps more of that later, but now, I’m. Gonna. Be. Late. For. Work. Again.

Wildlife Camera, Night Six, Part Two

July 20, 2010

So the gallery posted this morning was less than successful.  I can’t add comments when I post gallery-style, and you can’t click on the pics to enlarge.  So here’s the same pictures from this morning, in order, with occasional comments. 

Night is starting to fall.


Cat on station and cat on the ground.


Who's climbing the tree?


It's Rocky Raccoon!


Exactly how many raccoons live in these woods? Cat under the table beats a hasty exit.


Cat on the feeding station AND a cat under the watering station. Look for the eye glow.


Cat on and cat under. These cats are starting to look alike.


Leaving and calling it a night.

Wildlife Camera, Night Six

July 20, 2010

Some serious picture-taking mojo is happening in the hood…

Enjoy.  And say hello to Rocky Raccoon, and Mommy and Daddy (I think!).

Wildlife Camera, Night Five

July 19, 2010

Oh be still my heart.  In a 12 hour period, the camera took about 15 pictures.  I’ll insert them into a slide show for your viewing pleasure.  You can stop/start the slide show by hovering your mouse over the image and clicking on the pause/play button. 

There was a half-moon last night.  Does this mean anything to the cats or other wildlife who are out and about?

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Alexander J. Lawton, Obituary, Savannah Morning News, April 11, 1876

July 18, 2010

From the Savannah Morning News: 

April 11, 1876:  3/2 –

We are called upon to announce the death of an old and respected citizen, the Hon. Alexander J. Lawton, which occurred at the residence of his son, General A. R. Lawton, in this city on Saturday morning last.  The remains will be taken to Robertville, S. C. for interment.

Corinne Elliott Lawton, Obituary, Savannah Morning News, 1877

July 18, 2010

Savannah Morning News, 1877 edition from January 1 – December 31, 1877, page 337.  We later went in search of the address of her home, BUT we don’t know if it was EAST Perry Street or WEST Perry Street.  Regardless, there are no homes at either location, only newer buildings or concrete parking lots.  We wonder if the house number is a typo.

Jan. 25, 1877:  3/1 – Funeral invitation –

Lawton – The friends and acquaintances of General and Mrs. A. R. Lawton are invited to attend the funeral of their eldest daughter, Corinne, this morning at 11 o’clock from their residence 135 Perry St.


(Edited on 7/10/13)  If you would like to read an account of Corinne’s last days as written by her mother in her diary, click here.  If you would prefer to believe the trashy stories that are still being spread about her, by all means, don’t bother clicking the link.  But believe me, if someone was making up lies about you and yours, I hope that someone will step up and defend you.

Wildlife Camera, Night Four

July 18, 2010

On the way home from school yesterday, I stopped at the Home Depot and picked up a container of assorted bungee cords.  When I got home, I lowered the wildlife camera yet again in hopes of getting more ground action.

I see from the following two (sorry, only two) photos that the food level in the feeders has dropped considerably from the night before, telling me that many animals are feeding.  But hardly any photos to show for it.  I also see that I need to shift the camera more so that it captures more of the station. 

A definite work in progress…

The cat in the foreground appears to be the same large cat, probably male, with the swirly markings and white feet, that was seen on 7/15 during the the midmorning hours. There's another cat under the A-frame watering station on the right.

 I see that I need to tidy up the woods a bit.  There are still pieces of the original feeding station, made from an old blue desk, that I dismantled in the woods.  I also see the large dog crate, upended, from where I rehabbed little SoCa, who was the last cat to be trapped, spayed, and returned.

I have no clue who this cat is.

  After the dog episode the first night, I triggered the cat trap and put it next to the biggest opening where I think the dog got in.  It has not been disturbed so now I think the two dogs were just passing through. 

Trap not baited. I was just curious to see if the dog would try to wiggle in through the opening again. If he did, he'd disturb the cat trap and probably cause it to slam shut. Maybe scare the little bugger a bit and keep him away until I patch the fence. Maybe not.

And sometimes in the evening, while my little mind is adrift with homework, housework, and animal news, Jopty helps prepare dinner.

While the spaghetti cooks in the hot pot, Jopty runs the wheel which is connected to the RV battery to provide electricity for the hot pot. I wish.

Jopty: "Is it ready yet? Can I stop now?"

Jopty: "Here. I'll give you my carrot. Carrots add flavor and Vitamin C to your diet. And you'll see better! Lord knows you need the visionhelp."

Wildlife Camera, Night Three

July 17, 2010

Yesterday, I moved the wildlife camera to a new location.  Apparently the location needs refinement, because I only got one – count ’em – one – photo last night.  I wonder if it’s Sylvia and she’s just messin’ with me.

Shoes From the Mexican Restaurant

July 16, 2010

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I sense a new career as a shoe model, all because of Taqueria de Rocio.

Wildlife Camera, Night Two

July 16, 2010

If you want to blow right by all this chatter and look directly at the photos, go ahead.  I won’t be offended.  I just came in with the SD card about 15 minutes ago and I’m a bit startled by some of the images.  The first image shows the new set-up location of the camera.  I also dragged around and relocated the shorter A-frame station.  It had an automatic waterer on it which has a reservoir similar to the automatic feeders.  The problem with an automatic waterer during this time of year is that the mosquitoes like to lay their eggs in the water.  So I dumped the water and put the waterer on the feeding station while I moved the A-frame.  And forgot to move the waterer parts, so now they show up in the pictures.  It’s awkward being me sometimes.  Also, I had noticed yesterday that there are two sections of the fence that are pressed inward at the top where a heavy object, like a dog, was trying to get in.  And with that preamble, I give you: “Night Two of the Living Woods”…

This angle shows the re-location of the camera. The A-frame unit is to your left.

My production of "Cat on a Hot Tarpaper Roof"

Dog under the table INSIDE the fence. Oh dear. BIG dog outside the fence. Inside dog looks like he's barking at something... oh maybe, like a cat...

I think the inside dog is behind the station, standing on his hind legs, looking in the station. How did he get out of the fence?

I looked at this picture numerous times before I saw the cat on the ground at the back of the station. I saw his tail but couldn't connect it to anything. This feels like "Highlights" for kids - Find The Hidden Picture.

Is that a raccoon?

Something at the front corner closest to you, jumping off the station. Too much flash.

Cat leaving thru the fence at your lower right.

Same cat in previous picture still in process of leaving. (Edited later today: I think this is a different cat because he's inside the station and the one in the previous picture was leaving the station. Dratted cats. Wish they'd wear nametags. "Hi! My name is Fluffy!")

Uh-oh.  Gonna be late for work.  Again.