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The Old Curmudgeon Was Right

July 29, 2010

The Old Curmudgeon suggested that making the fence at the cat station taller might.  Not.  Work.  The dogs might just dig under or climb over.  Awesome. 

But we went to Home Depot and got taller fence posts and another roll of wire and Sugar made the awesomest fence reconstruction project ever.  (But I’m prejudiced.) 

This morning when I went to the cat station, I saw that the feeders were askew on the station.  Mr. Wildlife Camera gave up the memory chip that reveals that the dogs were back.  The smallest dog, who isn’t really that small, simply squeezed through one extra-large sized cat opening.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  He slid thru that opening like a pup being born.  The other two dogs could not get in, and after Mr. AmoebaDog ate all the food, he slid back out through the opening. 

So many youtubes, so little time.