Carolina Moon

The past few nights have had a beautiful Carolina Moon.  I took a few photos of the moon through the trees.  One shot has a bat or some other kind of winged night-time creature.

Here’s the photo.  See what you think.

Carolina moon and friend


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5 Responses to “Carolina Moon”

  1. Linda Smith Says:



  2. Kariann Says:

    Great shot!


  3. ruthrawls Says:

    What is that thing?


  4. Leo Says:

    I don’t think a bat would appear that light colored. It doesn’t seem to have a tail like a bird, or a birdlike tail. I’m voting for some sort of insect, but much closer to the camera than maybe you’re thinking. Just a body and wings. Possibly some sort of larger moth?


    • ruthrawls Says:

      I was driving in the car, up and down my little road to get to a good spot to take the photo, and I was in the car and not walking since it’s not such a safe little area. There’s a good possibility that the headlights on the car stirred up some moth action. Thanks for that idea. That didn’t occur to me.


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