LawtonFest, Part Seven, The Isle of Hope

We’ve been on the trail of A. R. Lawton, born in SC and moved to Savannah.  I’ve even made a spreadsheet tracking the Savannah Lawtons and their whereabouts.  So this A. R. had a son, aptly named A. R., which can cause for confusion, especially when there appears to be a continuation of the name, like to the Fifth, or Sixth, or Seventh generations. 

Anyway, this is A. R. Jr., who had a residence at/on (which is correct?) the Isle of Hope near Savannah.  Sugar did some more careful sleuthing and discovered that the house still exists.  We both asked for last Friday off, and we headed in search of a LawtonFest.  We did the libraries and found some stuff, but the day and the heat called for us to get on the road.  So yup, we drove to the Isle of Hope, stalking deceased Lawtons.  We found the house, and noticed that it was for sale.  So we took a chance and pulled into the driveway, like hopeful home buyers admiring the property.  It was hotter than holy heck that day, but there was a wonderful breeze coming off the water. 

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Don’t think we can afford it.

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