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Wildlife Camera, Night Ten, Raccoon & Cat

July 24, 2010

On July 24, 2010, at 2:31 AM, Mr. Raccoon comes to dine while Ms. Cat enjoys the penthouse view.

And 18 minutes later at 2:49 AM…

The wire dog crate is in front of the fence where the dogs went over.  Hope to block the little buggers until I get a better fence system.

Wildlife Camera, Night Nine

July 24, 2010

I just don’t know what to say, except…. I’ve got to get a bigger boat.

Remember that scene in Jaws when the shark rams the boat and Richard Dreyfuss and the star guy, the one that’s afraid of the water, get shaken up?  And the star guy, what’s his name, goes pale and mutters something about “got to get a bigger boat.”  Because the boat they are in is obviously not adequate for the action it’s getting.  When I went into the woods this morning, the gate to the cat station was not latched (because I’m a forgetful old moron), yet the fencing was bent down a bit in two places.

Sugar and I went on a LawtonFest today.  I resisted getting the chip out of the camera because I knew that I’d just sit at the computer and pore over crazy cat action in the hood and then I’d be late for LawtonFest.  So I took the little SD card and the laptop, because I really needed them at the coffee shop library.  We were sitting in the Sentient Bean having a yummy late breakfast, all healthy and such, and we started viewing the videos, and I almost had a heart attack.  Well, not a real heart attack, just a mental heart attack.  Three dogs got into the cat station last night and ate most of the food.  These dogs were so dumb they climbed over the fence to get in and out, even though the gate was open.  Big, dumb, not-neutered, mangy, hungry dogs.  The biggest one, a German Shepherd, stood with his back to the camera, and it was painfully aware to the viewer that he was not neutered.  After he ate his fill of cat food, he stood there in a food-induced stupor, swaying a bit, and then burped.  He probably still has gas from that meal. 

After I got back from the LawtonFest, I had to finish a powerpoint presentation for tomorrow, so I didn’t get the SD card back into the camera, and the fence repaired, and the feeders refilled, until dark.  Making plans for a bigger boat fence. 

Sugar says to just put out dog food.