Wildlife Camera, Night Eight, Two-Cat Drama

Last year, I released two cats into my colony area.  These two cats came from another colony many miles away that was being disbanded because their caretaker was moving to another state.  I’m still in touch with the caretaker (Hi Linda!), and she always asks if I have seen “Mommy and Daddy”.  And I always have to say, no, I have not.  It’s sad for her to think that they might be lost in the big world, and are they still together, and do they miss her.  I just have to believe that the cats are fine, that they are out and about together in the big world, and that everything will be okay. 

This morning, two cats showed up on video at the redesigned cat station.  And I personally think that these are the two cats that have not been seen since their release in May 2009.  Only Linda will know for sure…

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