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Wildlife Camera, Night Seven, Video Starring Rocky Raccoon

July 21, 2010

I think there are two, if not three, raccoons in the ‘hood.  Time will tell.

The first sighting at 3:22 AM, on July 21, 2010…

And later, at 3:50 AM…

Wildlife Camera, Night Seven, Video Starring Sylvia

July 21, 2010

Yesterday afternoon, I reset the camera from still shot to video.  The camera recorded 3 videos of cats feeding during the daytime.  Then last night the camera recorded at least 10 videos.  I was not able to put any of them on the blog because I will need to purchase a video upgrade, which got me to thinking, maybe I can upload a video to and link them to the blog that way.

Well, I am pleased to report that it takes a long time to upload even one video to youtube.  But I did it.  And now I will attempt to provide the first ever nighttime video of the cat house in the hood.  It’s really not much to see, but it represents the tip of the iceberg in terms of what I can learn to do. 

And right now I’m attempting to upload Rocky Raccoon to youtube, and boy, is it a slow go.  Perhaps more of that later, but now, I’m. Gonna. Be. Late. For. Work. Again.