Wildlife Camera, Night Four

On the way home from school yesterday, I stopped at the Home Depot and picked up a container of assorted bungee cords.  When I got home, I lowered the wildlife camera yet again in hopes of getting more ground action.

I see from the following two (sorry, only two) photos that the food level in the feeders has dropped considerably from the night before, telling me that many animals are feeding.  But hardly any photos to show for it.  I also see that I need to shift the camera more so that it captures more of the station. 

A definite work in progress…

The cat in the foreground appears to be the same large cat, probably male, with the swirly markings and white feet, that was seen on 7/15 during the the midmorning hours. There's another cat under the A-frame watering station on the right.

 I see that I need to tidy up the woods a bit.  There are still pieces of the original feeding station, made from an old blue desk, that I dismantled in the woods.  I also see the large dog crate, upended, from where I rehabbed little SoCa, who was the last cat to be trapped, spayed, and returned.

I have no clue who this cat is.

  After the dog episode the first night, I triggered the cat trap and put it next to the biggest opening where I think the dog got in.  It has not been disturbed so now I think the two dogs were just passing through. 

Trap not baited. I was just curious to see if the dog would try to wiggle in through the opening again. If he did, he'd disturb the cat trap and probably cause it to slam shut. Maybe scare the little bugger a bit and keep him away until I patch the fence. Maybe not.

And sometimes in the evening, while my little mind is adrift with homework, housework, and animal news, Jopty helps prepare dinner.

While the spaghetti cooks in the hot pot, Jopty runs the wheel which is connected to the RV battery to provide electricity for the hot pot. I wish.

Jopty: "Is it ready yet? Can I stop now?"

Jopty: "Here. I'll give you my carrot. Carrots add flavor and Vitamin C to your diet. And you'll see better! Lord knows you need the visionhelp."

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2 Responses to “Wildlife Camera, Night Four”

  1. Becky Says:

    I’m not sure what it is about Jopty; whether it’s that cutesy name from the Fearless Five, adorable face, or his appropriate and scintillating comments, but I love him!! If I met him in person I would probably have to bow down in the “I’m not worthy” move.


  2. ruthrawls Says:

    Cutest rodent ever!


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