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Phone Your Blog (via News)

July 15, 2010

Phone Your Blog It's happened to all of us. The night starts off innocently enough with a little gin and tonic, maybe a mojito, then next thing you know you're doing tequila shots with the bartender and the girl from Brazil and you find yourself thinking it would be a treMENdous idea to call up your ex and see how they're doin … Read More

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The Wildlife Camera at the Cat Station

July 15, 2010

I’m a lot of talk.  I’ve been talking about getting a wildlife camera for a long time. 

I’ve looked at cameras at Wal-Mart. 

I’ve looked at cameras online at Cabelas.

I’ve emailed the Old Curmudgeon, and asked his opinion.

I’ve talked to other people who’ve bought wildlife cameras.

I’ve mulled over all this information, and finally made a decision.  At Bass Pro Shop, Sugar and I looked at the seemingly dozens of choices, and weighed out all the options.  This one has 5 megapixels.  That one is cheap.  This other one can take an SD card.  Another one is infrared.  The one over there has accessories.  And another one, video capable.  Dear Lord, help me. 

I bought one of the most expensive.  Eight megapixels!  Daytime, nighttime, still-shot, video-capable, infrared!  And a “Bonus!”  (that’s the word that reeled me in.)  Universal battery charger and 6 volt rechargeable battery!  Love me some batteries.

So I’ve had this little beauty for a while, still sitting in its packaging, waiting for me to plunge ahead and commit to this next project.  And I knew when I opened the package I would be done for.  I wouldn’t do any homework, and I’d stay up all night experimenting with photographing cats, and I’d be late for work. 

Apparently, I can accurately predict the future.  Guess who was late for work today?

It’s a tricky set-up getting the camera positioned for crazy cat action.  One of the bungee cords broke almost immediately and I came within an ace on “putting my eye out”.  (“Don’t stretch that bungee cord so tight!  You’ll put your eye out!”  Thanks, Mom.)

I set the camera up and went back to the RV until sundown.  Then, about 9 PM, Sylvia and I waited in the woods under the cover of darkness about 15 feet from the cat station.  I could see two sets of eyes reflected in my flashlight’s beam.  One huge cat creeped around the cat station’s fence and stared at me, making me a mite nervous that he might spring out at me, even though I know that feral cats don’t do that.  Sylvia took a nap.  Finally, he went into the fenced enclosure and jumped up onto the feeding station.  And nothing.  The freakin’ camera didn’t flash or take a picture.  I began to wonder if a cat provided enough motion for the camera to work.  Mr. Cat ate, then ran off the feeding station in the direction of the camera, and nothing.  Stinkin’ camera still didn’t work.

This evening when I got home from work, I went into the woods to the camera, checked the display and could see something photographed in the tiny little display.  I pulled out the SD card, went back to the RV, inserted the SC card into the computer, and here’s what I have.  Make of it what you will.

Too much flash

Two! At one time!

I think this is 4 cat speuters ago, but I'm not sure that he's ear-tipped.

Upper right is the sleeve of my scrub top where I'm reaching to open the camera cover.

Can you just stand all this cat excitement?!