Taqueria de Rocio

I needed new work shoes.  The ones that I had were falling apart.  I sat eating lunch in the local Mexican restaurant, musing over my problem of when would I be able to shop for new shoes.  What with work and school and chores pulling my time away from me, shopping for shoes was necessary but problematic.

I stared off into the distance as I ate fajitas de pollo.  Suddenly I realized the answer was clear.  I would buy them right here in the Mexican restaurant.

You need it, Rocio's has it.

The establishment’s proprietor is actually To’me, a bustling little ball of energy.  Her children, Rocio and David, play a major role here.  Rocio is the cook extraordinaire, and David assists with just about everything else, his specialty being the translator.  I started eating here when I started my Spanish class in January of this year.  They help me, I help them.  I’ve eaten there at least twice a week since then.  The food is good, not too spicy (they make it that way for me), fresh, and consistent.  Nobody bothers me there and I can sit and study and think in peace.  They refer to me as “la amiga” or “la senora”.

So I was sitting there thinking about my shoe dilemma, and asked the Dona To’me to help me.  She pulled out several styles in sizes much too small for me.  I was thinking that all was lost, but the Dona saved the day when she pulled out a catalog.  I chose a style, plunked the money down, and one week later the Dona brought the shoes to my work. 

The shoes actually fit, and are one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I’ve ever worn.  How’s that for luck?

[Fast forward to exciting footage (pardon the pun).]



8 Responses to “Taqueria de Rocio”

  1. Linda Smith Says:

    What a deal!! Lunch, shoes, and help with your Spanish! I’ll join you next time I come to Beaufort.


  2. Leo Says:

    I don’t know? When your shoes are made from products of a restaurant, it makes me wonder about the quality of the food. I’m sure it’s actually a fine place.


  3. Kari Says:

    Picture please!!! 🙂

    What size shoes do you take?


  4. Kari Says:

    Yes, shoe pic please. Wait until you see the new t-choke I bought Saturday.


  5. Shoes From the Mexican Restaurant « Ruthrawls's Blog Says:

    […] I sense a new career as a shoe model, all because of Taqueria de Rocio. […]


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