What is Better Than Zero?

And in our continuing saga of Zero opportunity

Today the pit bull breeder’s mother dropped in to bring the meds and to plead her son’s case.  She claimed to be checking on the welfare of the dog.  Her son is really a nice easy-going guy and he wants to take good care of his dog, but no one explained a payment plan to him.

Whoa, lady, stop talking NOW, because you are just making me mad.  And I hate being mad. 

1.  The man signed off on an agreement that payment would be due at the time of the animal’s release, and he elected to pay by credit card.

2.  The animal control officer explained the situation to him, and told him that he would need to take care of the needs of the animal.

3.  The veterinarian’s wife spoke to him on Monday, July 5, 2010, when he came in to pick up the dog, and he agreed that he would pay $50 every week, but maybe he couldn’t pay it the first week.  He also stated that he would take care of the animal, yet when I counted out the antibiotics that the man’s mother returned in the original bottle, none were missing.  NONE.  No one had given the dog her antibiotics, and her wounds were gooey with infection.

4.  There is a sign on the entrance door and another sign in the building that states that payment is due at the time of service.

The woman further stated that we had spelled the dog’s name wrong.  The dog’s name is actually Zorro, which in my opinion is a stupid name for a female.  The woman didn’t know how to spell the dog’s name on Friday, July 2, 2010, but now the vet’s practice is the one at fault.  They clearly wrote the dog’s name as “Zero”.  How sad to be ignorant and blame someone else.

In the meantime, I have called the dog every variation of the name Zero, like Zorro, Czara, ZsaZsa, Cera, and Sarah.  And she responds to none of those names. 

In the meantime, she loves life now.

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