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Century Unlinked

July 6, 2010

The local phone service (and I use the word service verrrry loosely) has changed ownership and names several times since I’ve moved to this happy little town.  I’ll just call them, for now, “Century Unlinked”. 

Century Unlinked have service personnel that are apparently confused about their job.  Exactly what is it?  Why are we standing in this business trying to figure out what to do?  There was a vicious rain/lightning/thunder storm about a month ago that happened exactly before the LibraryFest, the Beiderfest, and the SavannahFest.  Since I was out being festive, I did not know that the phone/computer lines at work were milquetoast, and that Century Unlinked had been called out for “service”. 

When I returned to work on Thurday after the “Festerings”, I found this under my work station at the reception area…


The yellow cable and most of the blue cable is new.  The two black boxes in the above picture are new.  The gigantor surger protector is new.  Thanks, service people!  Here’s the rub:

When I came back to work on Thurday, I attempted to print an invoice for the client standing in front of me.  Nothing.  Just nothing.  They left.  Then five minutes later, the invoice printed.  Then the second work station at the reception desk melted quietly, like a stick of butter left on the warm countertop.  One minute it was a perfectly formed stick of computer.  Half an hour later, it was a pretty puddle of meltdown. 

The service people were called to come back.  This time we got new people who called for reinforcements.  Pretty soon we had several fellows wandering around the practice, looking puzzled.  They unplugged and replugged and muttered and then promised to come back the following morning at 8:30 AM.  Did they show up?  Nope.

After numerous phone calls and promises to service, the Unlinked people informed the practice that they do not service networks.  Bad, bad Unlinked people.  I know a retired network guru, whose services were enlisted.  He has spent many hours cleaning up the network and computer issues, both old and new, and now, guess what?  The computers are so old and the programs so outdated, that we need all NEW COMPUTERS.  The bean counter went into her office and quietly had her own meltdown. 

It’s been a rough few weeks.