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Right About Zero

July 3, 2010

On Friday, 7/2/10, a car pulled up outside the vet’s office. A man, an older woman, and a small child emerged. Somehow I knew that they would extract a sick pit bull from the car. And they did.

The man explained that he didn’t know what happened to his dog.  He got up this morning and something had attacked his dog.  She had severe wounds on her head and shoulders, her ears were bleeding, and she had a six inch long gash on one sagging teat.  She had obviously given birth recently. 

The man, when asked, stated that he was a client but hadn’t been there in a long time.  When he said his name, I recognized it as a local pit bull breeder.  I also knew that the day prior to this, our office had received a call from a rescue group who had received three of his pit bull puppies who were treated for hookworms, roundworms, and coccidia.  The sheriff’s department advised the rescue group that they had to return the puppies, even though they were found by the side of the road, because everyone knew that the puppies belong to Mr. Linwood N., the pit bull breeder. 

When I asked the woman what the dog’s name was, she said, “Zarra.”  I said, “How do you spell that?”  She said, “I don’t know.”  I said, “Like Czar, only Czara?”  She agreed that that was the dog’s name.  I asked the man to fill out some paperwork as a new client, since I didn’t have anything on file for him except an old file in the computer, and I wanted his signature on the paperwork that he was the owner of the dog and would be responsible for payment.  When he returned the form to me, I saw on it that the dog’s name was Zero.

I escorted the man and dog into an exam room, and went to the back to make a phone call on my cell phone.  That call was relayed to the sheriff’s department, and soon the animal control officer came by for a chat with the man.  The ACO is a wiry little woman, and she does not play.  The man was informed that he would do the medical care necessary for the dog.  He left the dog in our care.

The following photos might be a bit graphic for some, even though she has been cleaned up and treated.