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June 30, 2010

Donkey Ho-tey: "Lean in close and I'll whisper my pain into your ear."

Last week I called the donkey’s foster parents and asked how he was.  They said that the vet had been there that very day, and that Mr. Donkey had received his vaccinations, had his teeth “floated”, and had been “cut”. 

“Cut”.  Sounds painful.

So on Monday, 6/28/10, Sugar picked me up at my lunch hour and we went to see Donnie.  He was moving rather slowly.  His doodads were sore.  The foster daddy said that the vet advised that the older the donkeys are when they are neutered, the slower the recovery.  Understatement. 

Mr. FosterDaddy said that one of the donkey’s lower teeth in the back of his mouth had grown so long that it was cutting into the gum above.  The vet also advised that he will come again when the farrier comes, because Donkey Ho-tey took a lot of anesthesia for the surgery, and that he definitely needs to be anesthetized for the farrier.  The vet said that a donkey’s hooves can get yeast infections and perhaps a yeast infection has traveled up his legs and made his hair fall out. 

When Donkey Ho-tey arrived at the new home, he went in with Mare the blind mare, with the hope that he could be her eyes.  He was not interested in her eyes.  He had other plans for a different body part, and tried to put some lovin’ on her, several times, causing her to run into the fence.  She was not interested in his continuous donkey love, so he was moved into another pasture with Jammer, a large male horse. 

Donkey: "Ow. That smarts. Oww. OwOwOw. My prize doodads."

Donkey: "Forget my teeth and hooves."

Three Sugars

Near the end of our visit, Donkey Ho-tey had wandered out into the middle of the meadow.  I tested out my super-duper whistle, the one that I learned in middle-school from Marietta B., and has been proven irresistable to animals and small children, and sure enough, the donkey walked straight back to where I stood at the fence.  We gave him a good-bye pat and a promise to come again.

Two sugars