Gratuitous Donkey Pictures

Thank you to Leo, the Old Curmudgeon, who asks the following question: “I guess I don’t understand. Just what was it that the donkey got rescued from?”

Little donkey looked okay in the pictures, right?  Here’s more about the donkey situation.

He was living in a pasture that was approximately 50′ x 100′.  Donkeys need at least an acre of grazing property.  An acre and a half is better.  The pasture was shady, and had a limited grazing area.  He had a bale of hay when we met him.  It was the large rolled kind so it looked like it would last a while, but by the time we were there on Sunday past, it was all gone except for the leavings on the ground.  The first man that had him, Rabbit by name, had given him to Jesse, the collector.  Jesse’s the one with the dying chicken in his backyard.  He has various other animals, namely an assorted allotment of dogs and puppies that are not vaccinated, not on parasite prevention, not on heartworm prevention, not on flea prevention, and never get veterinary care.  I got Pluff from Jesse – he decided he didn’t want the Pluffy anymore – Pluff didn’t even have a name when he lived there.  I’ve lost count of the dogs that Jesse has gotten tired of and turned over to me and Sugar. 

Donkeys have a different coat from horses.  A donkey’s coat will hold water from a rainstorm, and will remain sodden.  Donkey Ho-tey had no shelter, inadequate food, and a poor water source.  It is against the law to contain an animal without shelter, food, and water.  However, in this particular county, a donkey’s welfare is not of high concern. 

Donkey Ho-tey had open sores on his legs from the biting flies that are so prevalent in this area, especially during the summer months.  His hooves were grown so long that they were chipped and splitting.  He had no recent brushing, no grooming, no veterinary care, no vaccinations, no Coggins, and no farrier’s care. 

About two months ago, Rabbit, the party of the first part, decided that he was going to train the donkey, even though he had turned the donkey over the Jesse the collector.  They chained him to the back of a four-wheeler and dragged him up and down the dirt road.  There was a huge commotion, people were gathering to watch, a school bus full of school children stopped to watch, and Richard was getting distressed over it.  Rabbit told Richard that if Richard called the authorities, then he’d better never come out of his house.  (Some people carry guns and know how to use them.)

Chipped hooves and open sores.

The left front hoof is splitting. This is the leg with the most sores.

This shot shows the difference in his coat. The area on his rump is slick and flat, which is how it should be during the summer months. That fluffy stuff needs to be brushed out.


Jesse had mentioned that Mr. Donkey would be headed for the dog food factory.  Jesse doesn’t have a job, and the donkey was now becoming a liability and a drain on his financial resources.  I suppose you could say that Donkey Ho-tey was rescued from ignorance.

Good question, curmudgeon.  Thanks for asking.

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One Response to “Gratuitous Donkey Pictures”

  1. Leo Says:

    So, do you have to go rescue Richard from Rabbit next? I think I understand that Donnie Boy needs a visit from his pedicurist, his furrier, and his farrier. Also his dietician, and his HMO caregiver. I think I got it now.


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