So Shoe Me

BigBroBob is a genius.  No, really he is.

It’s just hard to tell sometimes.  He’s a late-blooming genius. 

Here’s a little offering of his geniusity.  Click on the image to enlarge and enjoy.

Henry Burden + BigBroBob = Geniuses


Georgia: "Hmmm. I wonder if they make a little open-toed slide with a kitten heel??"


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4 Responses to “So Shoe Me”

  1. Becky Says:

    Tres cool. From composing that beloved song “Did you know your brother’s coming up from Florida today?” to giving tours to West Point cadets to this, this man is truly Mensa material!! Plus Lord knows he is an awesome father and “Pa.” 🙂 We love you, Bro!


  2. BigBroBobb Says:

    Me a genius, oh contrair. I’ve been called a lot of things even a mechanical genius but it’s not true, the mechanical genius part. What is true and I accept as the truth is the determination to finish a job once I start. I learned this from Dad, Roy Clayton Rawls. When ever I have a hard project I always say to myself “What would Dad do”. Dad was the most determined man I have ever known.


  3. ruthrawls Says:

    I did not know that you were both French.


  4. Kari Says:

    Maybe they attended E’cole Francais with us last week 🙂


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