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Pluff Doggie

June 17, 2010


What do you name a fluffy puppy?  Pluff, of course.  There is also a term here for the marsh muck.  It’s called Pluff Mud.  It’s not like quicksand, but if you stray off course in the marsh on foot, you can get stuck in the pluff mud.  It will hold you fast and you’d better have a cell phone so you can call for help.  So stay on the path.

Our Pluff went to the spay/neuter clinic yesterday, and now he is a free man.  He will never be named in a paternity suit. 

Daydreaming about female dogs.


Sylvia: "Since when did this become a dog site? It's about cats, CATS, I tell you!"


Ball forgotten.


After the parvo incident, Pluff got kennel cough.  Then he got a yeast infection in his left ear, and then a hot spot below the same ear.  After a round of antibiotics and some ear meds, he’s good to go.  And go he should.  Two weeks ago, a client had to have her dog euthanized.  When checking out, she said, “In a few months, I’ll be ready to go to the shelter and adopt another black fluffy dog.”  My head snapped around, and I said, “I’ve got just the black fluffy dog for you!”  She said, “But is he big?  I want a big one.  It’s so hard for them to get a home.”  Ohmygoodness, yes. 

There’s a phenomenon called the “BBD”.  That stands for Big Black Dog.  Shelters are full of them.  They are hard to adopt out.  “It’s another black dog.”  “They’re too big.”  “There’s nothing special about that one.” 

So the Pluff will probably be spared the insult of being referred to as just another “Big Black Dog.”