Mistletoe Grove

Mistletoe Grove, the old Tison place.

During the summer of 2008, Sugar and I found the old Tison place, Mistletoe Grove, by Sugar’s clever sleuthing.  He found an old map in an old book and figured it out.  We went there a couple of times that summer.  The first was to check it out, and the second was to lead the way for a Tison descendant who was in search of her family history.  There is nothing better than to watch someone discover their roots. 

This house is on the property of the Webb Wildlife Center.  This post is basically pictures of the house.  The house was locked but I used my patented method, patent pending, of photography by pressing the camera lens to the window and snapping away.  I’ve gotten some interesting shots of things using this method.  It works well when the window is too high or in an awkward location.  Sometimes Sugar gives me a boost, and after seeing that rear-end shot of myself yesterday, I understand why he can’t lift me very high.  Pilates, coming soon to a fatty near you.

Front right

Outbuilding shown in the photo previous to this one.

Let’s go under the house.  Watch out for spiders.

The underside of the front steps.

Thru the window.

The van so often seen lurking in the background.

It was unbelievably hot that day.  Hot like an oven.  I get really cranky when the back of my neck gets hot and sweaty, and I was waaaayy cranky that day.  It’s hot like that here today.  It’s so hot you can’t get your breath easily.  How did our ancestors exist in this kind of heat?  Nonetheless, it was a good day, and we felt like explorers finding something that no one had seen for centuries, and we stood in awe of it.  There was a tree behind the house that bore some kind of mealy little pears. 

And I snagged a canna lily.  It needed to be rescued.

(Many thanks to Mr. Lawton for supplying the pictures!)

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2 Responses to “Mistletoe Grove”

  1. Becky Says:

    Now THAT is a house. And how about that porch? Love it! Seeing that this is the second time pilates has come up, and also being of the bigger bottom persuasion; even 40 pounds ago, that’s just where it settles, I say: “Better junk in the trunk than an invisabump!!” 🙂


  2. Joint Robert & Lawton & Allied Families Association Annual Reunion, June 7 & 8, 2013 | Ruthrawls's Blog Says:

    […] produced a printout about Mistletoe Grove.  I took one look, and realized, it was a printout of my post about Mistletoe Grove, and I burst out, in surprise as well as shock, THAT’S ME!  The women looked at my nametag […]


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