The Webb Wildlife Center

I have discovered that I need to include the name “Lawton” in every post.  When I have a LawtonFest, my stats go way up.  Thanks, Leo and all the lovers of LawtonStuff.  Lawton, Lawton, Lawton.

This little post today links to “The Plantation Broker”. Lawton.

Sugar “Lawton” and I went to the Webb Wildlife Center that was mentioned in “The Plantation Broker” article. Nothing would do after getting the article at the LibraryFest in Columbia, SC, except that we would go. We had been there before, visiting Hamilton Ridge, an old homeplace, owned by some Lawtons or some relative of some Lawtons, and the Mistletoe Grove Plantation House, an antique homeplace of the Tisons. (All of these families are mentioned in the article, link provided above. Lawton.) We went a different path this time, hoping to actually get to the Savannah River. Nope. But I got some interesting photos this time before the stinkin’ batteries died in the camera. Had a chance to get a picture of a peckerwood, and the BATTERIES DIED. Ah, fate.

An observation deck to one of the waterways that leads to the Savannah River. Awesome tree pictures coming soon.


Cypress or Tupelo? Class? Any answers?


Cypress knees. My new phrase for approval will now be "It's the tree's knees." Not bee's knees. Didyougedit?


More water and trees. There was green floaty stuff on the water. Pollen? Algae? Pixie Dust?


View from the end of the observation deck.


Heavily cropped picture of me. When I saw how big my butt was, I removed the visual. Starting Pilates soon.


Cropped. That is all.


Overhead cloud action. The sky is Carolina Blue. If you went to the University of North Carolina, you would know that.


(Insert picture of peckerwood here.  Lawton.)

The day was full of insect sounds and frogs thunking into the water when we got too close.  It was outrageously hot but not humid.  You know what they say, “It’s not the heat, it’s the stupidity.”  

So y’all should go to the Webb Wildlife Center.  If Lawton will send me some pictures of Mistletoe Grove that I lost in a computer meltdown in 2008, I’ll post those, too.

Thank you for viewing.  Lawton.

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