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The Soho South

June 5, 2010

On Memorial Day, The Sugar and I did something realllly decadent.  We drove to Savannah to eat lunch.  And.  Then.  Drove.  Home.  How’s that for livin’ it up?

Last week, the day after the Beidlerfest, we went touristing about in Savannah.  We had seen the Soho South along Liberty Street, near the book store AND the yarn shop, but had never gone in.  Still on an adventuresome high from the LibraryFest and the BeidlerFest, we really went out of control and went all three places.  On the same day.  Cause that’s how we crazy types live it up.

We liked it so much, we went again to the Soho South on Memorial Day.  I noticed the wine list had a Riesling from the Mosel area of Germany.  I’m not much of a wino, but it seemed like the drink to order.  It was a pleasant wine, and I would order it again.

The restaurant itself was in a former garage.  Sugar commented when he was growing up, his family had gone on a trip to Savannah and their car broke down, and his father had arranged for the car to be repaired in this very tea-room.  The old roll-up door is rolled up overhead, permanently attached to the ceiling.  Some of the floor has not been painted or resurfaced, and you can see all the old stains from various automotive fluids.  There’s an attached art gallery with prints and paintings and postcards for sale.  Very odd sensations sometimes for Sugar when we go somewhere that has a different memory for him from a past life.  Sometimes good, and sometimes disconcerting and unpleasant.

So, go to the Soho South, and order the Riesling.  You won’t regret it.