A Busy Day

Wow.  What a busy day!  The vet’s office is usually open on Wednesday from 9-1.  Those hours ensure that we never EVER leave before 2.  Or later.  We booked appointments every half hour, and sure enough, those emergencies just came piling in on top of everything else.  I had to go to the post office first thing, to get stamps, to mail out those stinkin’ monthly statements, one work station’s computer is fried causing that person to attempt a coup and takeover on my work station, dog hit by car, and on top of everything else, I popped out a couple of puppies. 

No, really, I did.

And in other news:

Sylvia: "Run faster, Jopty, I think we've just been upstaged."

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One Response to “A Busy Day”

  1. Kari Says:

    LOL!!! No one can compete with a cute baby 🙂


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