Nuther Feral

Nuther: "It's not my fault I was born beautiful."

Last week, I trapped a nuther feral.  He is the big gray and white male that was sitting in the cat dormitory, watching, while Marcellene and another male were enjoying the day.

Note the classic posture

This guy weighed 12 pounds.  That’s a pretty good size for a wild cat that has to depend on scrounging for food.  Of course, there’s no telling how long he’s been dining at Operation Catnip’s Restaurant, where free food flows like manna from heaven. 

Nuther: "Why is there no Make-up Department at this location? I need to powder my nose."

Nuther had wounds on his face, possibly from fighting or possibly from smacking his face into the trap in an effort to get out.  When we returned to the cat station after surgery, he had to stay in the trap all night.  He was very dopey from the anesthesia, and it would have been unsafe, for him, to let him go since he couldn’t navigate without falling down.  He could have ended up in one of the drainage canals nearby and would have been unable to get out, and would have drowned in an effort to do so.  He was happy to exit the trap the following morning.  I haven’t seen him again, and probably won’t until I get my WILDLIFE CAMERA.  O the joy.

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