Ride 'em, BigSis!

I come from a line of cowgirls.  Here’s my BigSis, totin’ a Gene Autry gun.  BigSis went on to become the local beauty queen, Miss Loudon County of 1962.  That’s a hard act to follow.

BigSis was a cheerleader and on the basketball team.  She was voted Best-All-Around as a senior superlative in high school.  Or Most Athletic, or something like that.  She was on the debate team.  She studied French, for Pete’s sake.  She had boyfriends.  She played the piano.  Everyone loved her.

When I entered high school, a good thirteen years after BigSis, teachers would say to me, “Oh, are you BigSis’s LilSis?!  I loved your sister.  She was so (fill in the blank).”

And she did it all without malice, or cattiness, or unkindness.  If she wasn’t so cool, I’d hate her.


3 Responses to “BigSis”

  1. Becky Says:

    Oh, yes, if she hadn’t been so classy, I would have pulled out every hair in her head out of sheer jealousy. But how cool was it to have an authentic “Goddess Divine” for your oldest sibling? When my friend saw her use a metal band-aid container for a bank, what did I notice same friend using for one soon afterwards? 🙂 And a few months ago, I informed my friend here that she saw my sister compete in Miss Tennessee when her parents used to take her to the pageant back in the day. I spent many hours poring over the pageant program that was always in Grandma Packett’s magazine holder. We love you, big sis!!


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