How My Mother Invented the Hamlick Maneuver

*As told by BigBroBob to his grandchildren.*

Tennessee has a wonderful history of inventions. Now, has anybody ever heard the story of the great Hamlick Maneuver? It was during the Civil war, no that was another story… OK. This is the story of how the Hamlick Maneuver was discovered, and it came from your family. So when people tell you about the Hamlick Maneuver, you say, you know who invented this. It started one time when we had a little piglet running through the house. Now I can remember it started to choke. And my mother, the dashing person she was, she put on her hat, and she ran over, and she grabbed that pig right by the feet like this. She picked him up, and was trying to help the pig. And the pig was screaming. And she kept going and going. But she couldn’t help him. Do you know what she did next? She flipped that pig up in the air & caught him right like this. And then, she fell, and as she fell on the floor, she squeezed the pig, right like that, and the biscuit went right out. And that’s how she invented the hamlick maneuver. Well, she was going to put a patent in on it, but we had a Danish exchange student. Well, he was there. And you know what he did, he went back and he patented it. And now it’s world famous. And if you ever hear anyone say “Heimlich” maneuver, you say Hmm mmm mmmm, It’s Hamlick maneuver. And my great-grandmother invented it. The Hamlick maneuver.



4 Responses to “How My Mother Invented the Hamlick Maneuver”

  1. kari Says:

    That was great!!!! My dad claims that Nana saving a pig chocking on a biscuit is true.


  2. kari Says:


    very tired……


  3. Simba Says:

    Interesting, very, very, interesting!


    • ruthrawls Says:

      BigBro never lets the truth get in the way of a good story. We really did have a piglet in the house when I was about 3 or 4 years old. But that’s another story.


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