The Tree Inspector

Jackie inspects a tree.

Here’s our girl Jackie, the one-eyed gambler.  Apparently the lack of one eye does not deter her from her job as tree inspector.  She is getting bolder and bolder about leaving the safety of the shed, and she prowls out and about enjoying the day.

Left to her own devices, she harms nothing and enjoys everything.  It’s been an interesting development to watch her explore her surroundings, like a tourist on vacation, seeing the local sights, enjoying the local cuisine, and absorbing the local flavor.

That we all should enjoy our lives like a tourist.  That’s the best wish that I can send on this Easter morning!


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2 Responses to “The Tree Inspector”

  1. kari Says:

    Thank you for the lovely wish. That we could be in the moment and have curious eyes, always looking to the good.


    • ruthrawls Says:

      Or in Jackie’s case, have a curious EYE. And speaking of Jackie, I look outside right now, there she is, walking along through the trees, stopping to stretch with that long delicious stretch that cats have, and ambling along throughout the day, visiting with the other cats and running along with the dogs.


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