A Stinky Ending

I have mixed emotions about the springtime. Spring weather is wonderful here in the sLow Country. Just today we had a warm morning with a breeze, and a light shower in the afternoon. The door is open now, and the temperature is that perfect, elusive number that is not too hot and not too cold, like Baby Bear’s porridge. Sylvia spent the morning lounging in the lounge chair in the sun-dappled shadows under the trees.

It’s also the time of year when a very bad thing happened. Well, two very bad things happened one year apart. The first was our move here in 2001 from our home in NC, a place where I’d lived since 1978. It was a hard move. Then one year later almost to the day, Mr. X announced that he didn’t love me any more, and he was leaving now, goodbye. The following years were like being sucker-punched every day. I’ve heard it said that it takes a year of recovery for every five years of marriage. That meant I had five years of recovery. Awesome. Check please.

But recover I did. Even so, this is a difficult time of year. So. My life is now my life, and my path going forward is one of my choosing, as good or bad or smelly as it might be.  It’s mine.  I own it.


Mr. Stinky has been missing for a few weeks. I’ve been hoping somehow, if something had happened to him, that I would be able to know. Mr. Stinky and Lou traveled together sometimes. Lou is much more feral than Stinky, and her coloring blends in with the woods, so she’s harder to spot, but I could always see Stinky.  He lounged around the cat station within reach, and his coloring was easier to spot than Lou’s. I had put a doghouse near the cat station and filled it with hay for the wintertime. Sometimes in the cold morning when I went to the cat station, Lou and Stinky would come out of the doghouse where they had spent the night, warm and cozy in the hay.

A few days ago, I was returning from the cat station in the evening after work. I glanced at the dog house and noticed a dark shadow deep in the back of the doghouse. I went to the door’s opening and spoke into the house. The shadow did not move. I reached out, and stroked his head, and found the notch in his right ear. It was Stinky, and he was deceased. He didn’t have any marks from fighting on his body. He was just gone. We had a little burial for him at the Swamped! Plantation and Cemetery, and he sleeps under the trees near the cat station at the place he called home and where he returned to die.

Mr. Stinky, Rest In Peace


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6 Responses to “A Stinky Ending”

  1. Becky Says:

    And there’s another dadburn sad thing happening at an already throat-lumpy time of year; Mr. Stinky is gone! He was a beautiful cat. I don’t blame you for having mixed emotions about this time of year. I love the beauty of the spring and fall, but that same seasonal beauty can evoke melancholy with past memories of Nana and Papa, etc. One of our four-year-olds’ moms was killed in a medical helicopter crash last Thursday and little Kenley is heavy on my heart. Sometimes life is just so darn sad!! But…..Easter and new photo opportunities await?? – Take that, Mr. Blue Mood! 🙂


  2. Simba Says:

    As much as I have very little use for cats, it is yet good that at least this one had a comforting place for his last time on earth. All creatures should be so lucky. Ruth’s Cat House does have some redeeming values.


  3. kari Says:

    I wish we could all be together and don Easter hats and gloves this Sunday.

    I am sorry about your cat. (((Ruth)))


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