Got Cat Food?

Yes, sir, yes, sir, eight bags full

Meow, meow, ruth rawls,

Have you any food,

Yes, sir, yes ma’am,

Eight bags full.


Cat people are crazy.  Ask anyone. 

They also have the biggest hearts when it coming to sharing and showing the love.  You need help, ask a cat person.  Karen at Maranatha asked me once where I got my cat food.  I told her that I buy it, Sugar buys it, I get donations of food, and since then, CrazyCatLadyLinda sends money for food supplies.  Karen gets donations of food for her rescue group and sometimes she gets cat food.  Last week, she called me to ask if I wanted 150 pounds of cat food.  My heart, be still. 

I almost couldn’t get it all in the car.  She also gave me a bonus of cardboard tubes for Jopty Gerbil.  Jopty’s heart, be still. 

I know people who have one or two cats and they complain about how much it costs to feed them.  I just roll my eyes at them and say, Only one? or Only two?  Hard to feel sorry for you.  You’re talking to the wrong girl. 

But I’m not really complaining.  It’s just a management tool.  Somehow there is always money for cat and dog food, and the generous donations really help.  It seems that there is always room for one more here at the Cat Rehabilitation Center and CrazyHouse.  It’s a matter of mental manipulation.  I don’t own any of the cats except Sylvia.  She was my first cat commitment, and I can’t imagine her living anywhere else.  The rest of them are just members of Club Cat, even our girl chopped liver Georgia.

Georgia: "I tell you, Jopty, it's just awful. They treat me like chopped liver. I have to eat Whiskas, for Pete's sake! I deserve caviar, not donated food!"

Jopty: "It's hard for me to feel sorry for Chopped Liver. I get cardboard!


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2 Responses to “Got Cat Food?”

  1. Jen Says:

    When did you get a rat?


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