In the Spring, a Young One’s Fancy Turns to…

To misquote Alfred Lord Tennyson, in the spring, a young one’s fancy turns to roaming and mating.  And I’m exhausted dealing with it.

The past two weeks have been an incredible whirlwind at work, involving broken legs, punctures, fighting, and gunshot wounds.  I’m not even talking about the employees, but the patients.

It started two weeks ago, almost at closing time, with an incoming hysterical phone call about a dog hit by a car.  Our patient showed up about twenty minutes later with her frantic owners and two worried little boys in the vehicle.  Upon examination, the dog’s left foot was basically a torn sock with some splintered bones inside.  We stabilized her, she went to an orthopedic surgeon the next day, and her leg was removed about mid-thigh. 

The next day a cat came in after being hit by a car while out roaming.  Xrays showed a broken pelvis and dislocated hip joint.  We stabilized her, and the owners opted out of surgery, and elected to take her home to see if she would get better.

Another cat came in with injuries sustained when he was attacked by a stray cat who was roaming the neighborhood in search of territory, food, and a mate.

Last week, a un-neutered dog with a broken leg came in, again at closing.  The leg was dangling.  The owners and the vet debated the best course of action, like going to the emergency clinic, or going to the franchise veterinary practice at the big-box pet store that’s open 7 days a week.  They said they would go to the big-box, but didn’t actually go until two days later.  By then, the leg was infected and draining, and the staff at big-box said the dog would have to come back later when the surgery was put on a schedule.  They came back to us a day later, and the leg was xrayed, and a bullet was located.

Baby takes a bullet.

Extensive surgery and splinting was performed, and he might still lose the leg. 

Two days ago, a man came in with a story about a puppy with a broken leg.  He had seen a stray pup out and about in the countryside where he lives.  She had an obvious broken leg, and he wanted to catch her so she could receive medical attention, but he was unemployed with no good way to pay the bill all at once.  I made some phone calls and got some donations, and the man agreed if he could catch her, he would pay $100 a week from his unemployment check until the remainder of the bill was paid. 

He caught her, and xrays revealed a broken femur.  She received surgery, and a pin was inserted, and if you are squeamish, stop reading here.  Pictures follow.  She is wearing an amazing splint that was custom-made by the vet.

Back view of "Girl", maybe 13 weeks old

Still woozy from surgery

And there's the pin inserted at her hip

I’m probably even forgetting to mention some of the other animal drama from the past two weeks.  There’s been so much.  Spring is in the air.

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