Gopher Hill

The famous Gopher Tortoise

This enormous display is at a little park area by the railroad track.  It is a memorial to our famous Gopher Tortoise.  At one time this crappy little town was called Gopher Hill, in honor of the local Gopher Tortoise, which is now endangered.  When the railroad came through, the name Gopher Hill wasn’t elegant enough for a railroad stop, so the name was changed to…

 Crappy Little Town. 

The park with giant chairs and a giant tortoise


2 Responses to “Gopher Hill”

  1. Simba Says:

    Having never heard of one of these critters I researched for about two minutes to see what I would learn. I determined how to tell a male from a female. A male is like a pirate, it has a sunken chest, or a concave carapace, if you prefer. They live up to 60 years or so, and their burrows are sometime fifty feet long, twenty feet deep, and occupied by all sorts of creatures. Apparently the one in your photo never learned how to burrow as it appears to spend its winters above ground.


    • ruthrawls Says:

      Then that explains why they are endangered. Unless the locals ate them into endangerment. Twenty feet deep! I love research! Thank you!


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