Cat Trappin’

Positives to Cat Trappin’

1. You trap a cat.

2. Said cat gets medical attention, i.e. spay/neuter, vaccinations, antibiotics, meds, whatever.

3. You get to pat self on back, sometimes without breaking arm.

Negatives to Cat Trappin’

1. You catch the same retarded cat over and over.  (Hi, Marcellene!  You can stop now.)

2. You slam the door of the trap on your hand.  Again.  (Marcellene comes by it honest.)

3. You smell like canned cat food, or worse, sardines.  People who break the plane of your bubble of smelliness suddenly look horrified, disgusted, and cough like they’ve just smelled cat urine.

4. Your car takes on an odor of cat urine, especially during transporting said trapped cat.  Some might consider this a positive, especially those with sinus blockages.

5. People start to jerk their heads in your direction while muttering “crazy white woman”.  This can also be considered a positive if you live in a high crime area.  They might shoot “mean” but there’s no solution for “crazy”.

6. You catch the same retarded possum, perhaps a distant cousin of Marcellene.

7. You realize that you record the event on the internet, thus securing your own place in Marcellene’s family tree.



6 Responses to “Cat Trappin’”

  1. Simba Says:

    And then there’s that definition of insanity! Doing the same thing again and again expecting different results. If the shoe fits…


  2. Simba Says:

    Or wished I was?


  3. kari Says:

    LOL, I know the feeling. I cannot afford to offend any of my 4 readers 🙂


  4. Becky Says:

    I firmly believe there is a song to fit every situation in life; and if there is not, dadburn it, make up some lyrics to an old tune! I am exhorted to echo Chuck Berry’s “Maybelline,” and write, “Oh, Marcellene, why can’t you be good. You’ve started back doing the things you used to do!!”


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