The Papa

Children, do not try this at home. He is a professional. He has a chaw.

Here’s the Papa in December 1976.  It’s Christmas day, and he’s relaxed and feeling good.  It’s a good feeling to be home and happy.

August 1976 near the garden

Here’s another picture of Pop by the garden.  You can see a few of the corn stalks in the background.  This was the time of year when Mom said the garden “was all played out” or “was all dried up”. 

"In the Garden" is one of my favorite hymns

Here’s Mom and Dad, actually together and even touching.  They were not given to showing affection to each other.  And it’s August and Mom’s outside and didn’t even crumple into a wilted, humid heap.  It’s a wonder.  I took the garden pictures about the time I was preparing to go back to college for the fall quarter of 1976. 

At Mom’s funeral, I knew I’d probably be okay as long as they didn’t play “In the Garden”.  Mom had a beautiful alto voice and often sang a full octave lower than the soprano line.  I’ve heard her sing this hymn both in church and at home.  They didn’t play it at her service.

But.  At Dad’s service, the pianist – someone I didn’t know – played “Danny Boy”.  I was amused that the selection was appropriate for the circumstance but not necessarily appropriate for Dad.  We never sang “Danny Boy” and didn’t even know the words.  It was obviously a favorite choice to be played at funerals.  The pianist then slid into the entrance of another song that I couldn’t identify, and suddenly I realized that it was “In the Garden”, and I melted a bit.  I always associated the song with my mother, yet it was obviously so appropriate for Dad, who spent much of his life in the garden. 

Nice call, pianist lady.


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2 Responses to “The Papa”

  1. kari Says:

    (((Nana and Papa)))


  2. Becky Says:

    These pictures and the writing make my flesh, ahem, I mean, my HEART, ache! 😉


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