Dressed-Up Eubanks People

Kathleen & James

This brother and sister are my mother’s 1st cousins.  Their mother was Gertrude Webb Eubanks, and one of her sisters was my mother’s mother.  (By now everyone knows that Mom’s mother was Ruth Webb Packett, if you have been paying attention.)

They lived in Knoxville, TN.  Since there were other folks named James in Mom’s family, everyone referred to this James as “Jimmy Eubanks”, but we all said it like it was one word “JimmyEubanks”.  He went on to become a professor at the University of Tennessee.  He also whittled and painted little birds as a hobby, which was an amazing talent considering that he had rheumatoid arthritis.  My memory of him was in a wheelchair, like a wise little bird himself, with his head cocked to one side, smiling at the world in spite of his infirmity.  I did not know Kathleen, but I can see that she was a snappy dresser.

The back of the photo

The back of the photo is stamped with the date of April 17, 1930.  I thought we were having a depression then, but these folks seem to have been doing alright, and now I’d like to know more about their circumstances.  (Edited on 2/7/2010: see the post for them on the 1930 census)

And why are they dressed up, posing for a photo in the springtime?  Why, it’s EASTER!

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2 Responses to “Dressed-Up Eubanks People”

  1. Linda Says:

    I’d say they were both snappy dressers…………..wonder if they were cat people too?


  2. kari Says:

    very nice 🙂


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