The Slutty Cat Bedroom

Waterfront property at the Swamped! Plantation

A few weeks ago, the exiting vet asked if I wanted a large shelving unit and some assorted roofing materials for the feral cat project.  Do I?  My heart be still.  We dragged the shelving unit through the woods to a high spot, and then added a roof of sorts. 

Crazy cat woman Linda worries about outside cats, in particular two cats named Mommy and Daddy that she was feeding daily behind the Zaxby’s chicken restaurant near Beaufort.  Well, Linda was moving to another state, and she asked if Mommy and Daddy could join my colony.  The more, the merrier, especially since these two cats were already vaccinated, speutered, and ear-tipped.  That was last May.

With this cold snap we’ve been having recently, Linda has been extra worried about her “Mommy and Daddy”.  How do they stay warm?  Do they have places to hide?  What do they do when it rains?  I’ve explained to her that there are old houses, sheds, well-houses, even an overturned rowboat roundabout my shabby little hood, providing multiple places where feral cats can go.  Now we have an extra-special cathouse in the hood.

The solution

Our solution is the slutty cat bedroom. 

Nothin' could be finer than to be in Caroliner

The shelving unit was some kind of free-standing contraption.  We have contraptionized it even more.  Each end sits upon a horizontal vinyl fence post to elevate it, allow for air circulation, and to prevent the whole thing from sitting in standing water.  The giant snowstorm that everyone else got last weekend was a giant rainstorm here.  Good thing we have installed the special elevating system.

The roof is a section of metal roofing sitting on a framework of 2 x 4’s and 1 x 6’s.  It looks a bit like a UFO sitting in the woods, but the extra-wide overhang keeps the sleeping area completely dry.

The southeast side

The orientation allows for morning and afternoon sun to shine into the slutty cat dormitory.  Sugar, as always, figured out a good way to secure the whole unit together with the materials we had on hand.  Then he added the bonus.  A bale of hay! 

Cat nests in the hay

The following day after we finished the cat dormitory, I went into the woods with the camera and found little rounded nest-like areas in the hay where the cats had spent the night.  The slutty cat dormitory was a success.

No one left a tip for the management.

Now when Linda asks about the cats again, I can say that they have an entire freaking Holiday Inn. 

The things I do to try to measure up.

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5 Responses to “The Slutty Cat Bedroom”

  1. kari Says:

    That is one huge home improvement project!


  2. Simba Says:

    Most of the comments that come to mind rapidly are not fit for family publication so I will refrain from them. In the meantime I wonder what your neighbors think about someone luring every cat within five miles to the neighborhood? I’m surprised someone hasn’t started target practice on a few of them. Yet it seems the cats ought to all be highly appreciative of your efforts.


  3. Becky Says:

    My sister, a madam of a cathouse, WOW. Sun orientation, air circulation, no standing water, extra wide overhang, and secured with repurposed materials. – That place will get a 5-paw review from its customers. Proud to call you sister, Sister! 🙂


  4. Linda Says:

    Yeah!!! This Cat Lady is very pleased with the sluttly cat bedroom, and the feeding arrangements………………you are a fabulous cat lady, and where did you find Sugar? Is he available for “other” jobs????????
    Thanks for all you do for the “kids” of the wild world…………we all luff you!


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    […] The Slutty Cat Bedroom February 2010 4 comments and 1 Like on, 4 […]


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