The Gerbil is Named! So Let It Be Written!

Mr. Gerbil: "Hmmm, I wonder what my name will be??"

Niece Kari, the brilliantest of all the brilliant ones, has submitted name suggestions from her family for the little Gerby.

Sophie: Yada
Abby: Pastaloista (sounds like hastalavista) or palmopalmo
Ollie: Oliver or Jack or The Rat from Texas
Gilli: The Flying Rat or Alex or Texas or Itunes or Kariann
Christian: Freddy or Jeffrey or Jordan or Timmy
Kari: Smokey
So. It’s hard to choose from such clever submissions. I decided to take the first letter from the suggestions and make a word from the letters, kind of like a demented Scrabble. Much appreciation goes to the submitters of names beginning with vowels. After careful arranging and disarranging, I came up with (insert drum roll here)… POTTY!
Oh dear. Sounds like Keith knew how this was going to play out.
Let’s try again! And this time we get JeffreyOliverPalmopalmoTexasYada!
Sorry Keith and Kari. Smoky Birdcrap was too much for me to deal with.

JOPTY: "Thank you for my name!"



5 Responses to “The Gerbil is Named! So Let It Be Written!”

  1. Simba Says:

    “What’s in a name? That which we call a gerbil by any other name would smell as bad.” Juliet in Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare.


  2. kari Says:

    That is good stuff 🙂

    I was in church and I thought “aha, the perfect name~ Shiloh!”.

    There certainly won’t be any more gerbils in his class named Jopty 🙂


  3. Becky Says:

    I like “Jopty.” It sounds just like something Lauren would have named a stuffed animal when she was 3 or 4. Last week for letter “Q” and question week I asked one of our 3 1/2-year-olds did she have a pet. She said she had a “birdie” named “Ranchy,” (which kind of sounds like a “Jopty” name to me.) When her mom picked her up, I found out she doesn’t even have a pet!


    • ruthrawls Says:

      When I was in Mrs. Osborne’s class in 1st grade, we had to draw a picture of our house. I drew a 2-story house. Didn’t much matter that we lived in a single-level ranch style house – I wanted to live in a 2-story house. I had probably read a book where the children lived in a 2-story. Pathetic how easily I’m influenced.


  4. kari Says:

    That pic of Jopty is very cute, btw.


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