Sylvan Falls Mill in North Georgia

Here’s a little photo essay of a historic mill in North Georgia that is now a bed and breakfast.  You can see their website here.

Here we go!

Enter the garden here.

Surprise! There's a little waterfall!

Have a seat and enjoy the falls.

There's a lake at the TOP of the falls. I swear it's true.

See the chiminea on the screened porch? Now imagine how big this wheel really is.

The entry to the grinding area.

The view above is taken through the window.  That’s a pulley in the middle of the picture taken from an awkward angle so that it looks like a ski ramp. 

The water wheel is an overshot wheel.  The pipe traveling overhead feeds water from the falls to the wheel, and the water can be turned off, so the wheel doesn’t turn continuously. 

Above is another of my through-the-window shots.  The pulley is more evident in the left of the picture. 

So.  Go to their website, and enjoy the day.


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2 Responses to “Sylvan Falls Mill in North Georgia”

  1. Becky Says:

    Ah, there is nothing like a waterfall and a waterwheel, two of my favorite things! I anxiously await your published book of photos entitled “Taken Through the Window.” 🙂


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