Fall 1968

LilSis & YoursTruly

Here’s the LilSis & YoursTruly.  LilSis claimed in an earlier comment that she was scared of horses.  Yet here she stands in the middle of a thundering herd.  She’s about 9 years old, almost 10, and I am about 11, almost 12.  I’m sporting a Helen Reddy haircut, and extremely bored with the picture-taking extravaganza. 

I have no clue where this picture was taken.  The large horse in the foreground is BigBroBob’s horse, Sultan.  The Shetland pony is the middle is Dolly (Papa brought home a better pony than Happy), and I’m with Sugar, not to be confused with the two-footed Sugar in many of my posts. 

Dolly was a wonderful pony with a long graceful tail that just skimmed the ground.  I have to say that I have no idea what happened to those ponies.  How does a pony disappear from your memory?  I’m sure my faithful three commenters will have something to say about that…


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5 Responses to “Fall 1968”

  1. Becky Says:

    Well ok sister since you have obligated us to comment, here goes…I dunno!! Maybe they were sold or kicked the proverbial bucket while we were in college?


  2. Becky Says:

    P.S. Not so scared to stand amidst them, just not crazy about being astride them!


  3. Simba Says:

    When I was somewhat younger than I now am, the only saddle in our family was a lady’s sidesaddle. I was mortified to have to use it, but you gotta do what you gotta do. If you’ve never seen one, it looked somewhat like any other saddle, but the horn was over to the left side front and was curved so a lady could sit with both feet off the left side of the horse, and not fall off. The curvature of the horn fit well to the inner side of the right leg. With that, Becky would not have to sit astride.


    • Becky Says:

      Okay, then, let’s split horsehairs here then. Let me say I am not crazy on being atop a horse in any configuration. It’s a height (the horse’s) and balance (mine) thing I believe.


  4. kari Says:

    You guys are cracking me up!

    I bet the horses went to a special farm where they could run free and be happy, ya know, where my dog went when I was 2.


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