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Gerbils Just Wanna Have Fun

January 24, 2010

Sunday is usually catch-up day.  Sometimes Sugar and I go on an outing, but usually we travel about 30 minutes from R-land to get to a real grocery store, a Home Depot, a Lowe’s, the health food store, and/or the pet supply stores. 

Today found us at PetSmart buying the usual cat food, dog food, dog treats, and large bags of dry cat food for the ferals at the feeding station in the woods.  Then we moseyed over to Lowe’s so that I could get a new water hose.  The ones that go from the well to the RV for my water supply have seen better days, and the connections are going bad.  Last week, I had a failed connection at the entry point at the RV, and water dripped, then spewed everywhere.  I replaced the connector with one that I got at our local Ace Hardware in R-land.  You may have seen that email that’s traveling around touting buying products made in the USA, like a hose attachment from Ace Hardware, as opposed to one from Lowe’s or Home Depot, because those are made in China.  That email was not the reason that I bought from Ace Hardware.  That store is the only hardware choice in my crappy little town.  Well, that connector failed to man-up to the job.

The attachment was some kind of plastic, and Sugar believes that the reason the connection failed was that it was plastic to metal.  OK.  So that means Lowe’s or Home Depot to get metal.  I got the new connector yesterday afternoon after I got out of class.  When I was attaching it this morning, I decided that I needed new water hoses.

We did the tour-of-homes in the Lowe’s, and before we headed to the grocery store, Sugar needed to go to another pet store that was a bit further away from home.  I was okay with that, so we cruised along, enjoying the day, with the temperatures in the 70’s and a bit of a breeze.  I didn’t need anything at the pet store, or so I thought.

This particular store is much smaller than a PetSmart or a Petco, but not tiny like a boutique.  They carry the usual supplies, with a few animals for sale, like parakeets, ferrets, hamsters, and….. gerbils.  The animals are in waist-high display cases along the center aisle of the store.  Sugar was making his purchase, and I was looking at the little pile of gerbils in one corner of the display.  Sugar finished his transaction, and came back to join me, and he pointed out one little gerbil all alone huddled in the opposite corner trying to hide behind the water bottle.  “Look, that one is being ostracized.”  (He has such big words.)

I looked at the gerbil, and saw that the little guy’s rump was red and raw with dried bloody scabs in his fur.  Sugar spoke right up and asked the man in charge if he could ask a question.  The man was receptive, and then embarrassed when he saw the gerbil’s condition.  He said that the others picked on him, and that males will fight.  He said that he would isolate Mr. Gerbil, and keep him in the back of the store to be medicated and healed.

We left the store, with me dragging my feet.  We got in the van, and Sugar started it up.  I said, “Wait.”  So back in the store we go, and I explain that I work for a vet, and could I take Mr. Gerbil?  Mr. Manager said, “Oh, like a pity case?”  I said sure.  He said sure.  I bought a gerbil cage.

And the rest is history….

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