The Jaques House, Revisited

Last month I blathered on about snow.  I accompanied said blathering with pictures of the homeplace in winter and also a random shot of snow-covered trees, and I wondered if there was another photo that went with these two photos.  Voila, or as niece Kari might type, Viola!

Will & Irma Jaques's House in Winter

The house is boarded up because they were only there in the summertime.  The rest of the year they were at their permanent address in Hialeah, FL.  This photo didn’t really help me solve the location of the snow-covered trees photo, but still, nice to see.

Here’s a shot of their home several years later in the summertime.  I have thoughtfully named this photo “img215”.

The Jaques's House in Summer

And this little parting shot of their adorable godchild, YoursTruly, on their front porch.

YoursTruly, age 2 1/2 years, summer of 1959

And now, I’m off to Spanish class!  I hope I don’t meet up with that nice officer that I met last Thursday.  He seemed to think that my little car was traveling at an excessive rate of speed.


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5 Responses to “The Jaques House, Revisited”

  1. kari Says:

    I like how you just slide that in at the end, very stealthy.


  2. Becky Says:

    Well, any tyke who would wear such a short outfit WOULD grow up to drive too fast, for heaven’s sake!


  3. Summer 1960 « Ruthrawls's Blog Says:

    […] cracked on my earlier post about the shortness of my skirt.  What’s that, Becky?  Are you wearing a […]


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