Packett Folks & a Cool Car!

Two Packetts and a mystery guest

The above photo was no doubt taken in Lenoir City, Tennessee.  The two people on the left appear to be brother and sister, Cecil Paul Packett and Evelyn Ruth Packett.  I can’t identify the person on the right.  Or the car. 

My mother used to tell a story about how she couldn’t go anywhere except school and church.  She was once a teenager, and was with friends in the local ice-cream parlor.  Her father, mr. preacherman, came after her.  He actually went into the ice-cream parlor and escorted her out of that den of iniquity.  And apparently she had only one dress to wear, and she wore that until the seat of it was shiny. 

How on earth she posed for this picture, and her father didn’t keel over dead.


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One Response to “Packett Folks & a Cool Car!”

  1. kari Says:

    Evelyn the bombshell strikes again.


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